Saturday, March 31, 2012


     ... of Greater Force, mainly the fact of being working. I will not stop writing but I will stick to one entry per month only. The job is interesting and the team is nice but, as happens with many projects, our manager's planning demands 10+ hours of work to achieve the ridiculous deadlines.

     Is it wrong to not want to work twelve hours a day ? To want to have a balanced life where there is time for working, time for fun and time for resting ? Sometimes I think that I am the problem, that I am the one with the flawed mentality for being the subversive element whose job may be at stake even though I am efficient in the fullfilment of my duties. Either way I will continue to be the rebel and will continue to set boundries... sweeter and warmer waters will be found... and I will continue to take advantage of the experience I'm acquiring, all the knowledge I can get.

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