Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If I Were...

     A Rich man... bababibabababababababibabababammm... If I had all the money in the world... I would stop making nonesense and just do as I please, but since I don't have it I write a blog instead.

     A Film Director... my first movie would be an international hit, lauded by the most globally recognized critics and I would work with the most sought after stars in the media... or maybe I would end up with something like... this:


     An Actor... well, that's been already seen... here what came out of that project:

The fabled Pirate Bob Ross

     A Musician... I would be a great success and at last I would have A HIT ON THE RADIOS SO I COULD WIN MY FIRST MILLION... and I would brush with the jet set, singing with the media socialité... or I would devote myself to the creation of monotonic loops...

     Poet and mad I already am.

     If I was socially responsible I would have a blog about that as well. That one you can find here. Go check it out and may we read each other in the next emission.

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