Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tack för Maten

     Blog Action Day.

     The topic: FOOD.

     The initial instruction of creating an entry for the day came to me from the Social Responsability course I am taking. In the other blog I wrote about food as a social phenomenon but here, in my personal blog, I will write about food as a cultural expression that I like degusting.

     More than mere nutrition for the little body a meal is a ritual. From the preparation to the digestion, going through the scene placement (also known as setting the table). A good meal, shared with good company can do wonders.

A breakfast for Champions... when you are sick in the stomach... pa'que amarre

     There are foods with history. Dishes that are not repetitive but special because of their significance. The tradicional Pollo en Achiote my mother makes is one of my favourites. The family Pizza that is made on the weekends is already a part of life itself.

     There are foods that you miss. Some good Real Tacos when you have been out of the country for a while... or maybe a yummy Mamey in a shake. It happens the other way around as well, some tasteful Escargots deliciously prepared and eaten with family.

     There are foods that you make yours. The Guacamole that Manuel could not get over and the Blackberry Pie that I like so much.

     There are foods that you can't stand the sight of. In my case the Papaya and Sardines.

     That is food. For me at least. The only thing left to do is thanking for it. Tack för maten.

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