Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Steps

     We all began as something else. 2005. Creative Thinking. Many projects. In this entry about retrospective I will mention some of those projects and some other works I've made because of those. I will start -as I promised last entry -with El Porro:

I have the power ! Don't do drugs

     El Porro was a puppet theatre project. The idea was to make a presentation about drugs. My character was the evil marihuana joint. In the photo Ruperta la Pajarraca is also featured, a prominent character in a theater play I was involved with last year: Un Asesino en Nopaltepec. My most important theatrical apparitions.

     Moving on. We had to make a web page. The theme was caring for the environment. The page was something like this. Look how those little toys are moving! It's a tough job to get the sprites of the characters. Moving along that line of work I made this (click through the buttons to advance the story), this and this. When my former computer couldn't handle the graphics anymore and it jammed constantly I stopped making those kind of animations, hence some of them being incomplete jeje.

     Many memories, many pieces of work. And as time goes by, more experience. We all began as something else and go on to become something new and, if everything goes well, better.

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