Friday, June 17, 2011

I Only Want to Hit on the Radio

     So I can make my first million. And the truth is that before I give the world any song that I've written, before satisfaction would be mine, I've already had a couple encounters with the radio. Well, it depends on how one wants to see it. I've never been on the radio nor have had a show on the radio (ok, not even a podcast) but I have realized a couple of projects that I guess can fit in that niche.

     The previous was a radio commercial that I made back in 2005. OK, the intent at least. Maybe -or surely -it is not something Don Draper would do, but truth be told I am a little mad. All voices were recorded with Sam, the voice Microsoft gives you with Windows XP.

     That commercial was part of a series of projects for a course that I took. Creative Thinking was its name and Christ on a bike, did I make some... interesting projects. However, that's another story and it will have to be told in another occasion... which means that I will write about that in the next blog entry since it seems this month is based upon retrospectives.

El Porro, distant relative of El Zorro was one of those projects, which I will discuss later

     When commercials just wouldn't cut it I took the next step. Following on the footsteps of the great Kalimán came the radio soap opera. A project for a course on literature classics, a partner and I had to adapt The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The project was created in 2006. Let's see if you can identify which one is my voice.

     I hope my first single will be released soon. Not because I want to make my first million that way -I have some other plans in motion that will surely get me out of poverty -but because I have the urge of expressing something with a catchy rythm. Meanwhile, adiós. Play that funky music white boy.

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