Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Summertime

     When the weather is high... sadly the weather is not as agreable as it was for Mungo Jerry. This summer is a little grim, it has been raining thanks to Arlene. However, I do not want to talk about this summer... I will talk about it later. In this occasion, and to end with the retrospectives cycle that came to be this month, I will talk about the summer I had between the college and uni.

     The important part of that summer were the courses I took. The first that I will talk about is a course I took on storyboarding. It was very interesting since apart from learning how to make a storyboard we watched various great animes and some other funny things. Here is one of my works, see if I could express the point correctly:

Hamlet is not what it used to be

     The second course was on character creation. From creating its story and thinking how it would look until drawing it on paper and later digitize it. First we exercised on angles and positions of a face, then we created characters based on geometrical figures and later -after some doodling -we created an original character. Here some images:

Angles and Positioning on Faces

Characters based on Geometrical Figures


Final Product

     The third is really a mixture of the other courses I took. There was an HTML one and a photography one, a very good one by the way. I met a lot of very interesting people and learned a lot. It's been four years since that summer and only the ball know what will happen in the future.

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