Wednesday, December 28, 2011


     Last December 23th I went to the movies to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. No, I am not an avid Ethan Matthew Hunt fan -or a Tom Cruise fan for that matter -but I was anxious to watch the six minutes The Dark Knight Rises prologue. If I hadn't cancelled my Cine PREMIERE subscription I would have realised in time that the prologue was not to be projected in our country.

     Obsession could be the word that best describes my behaviour for the next days. The 24th I found a lo-res prologue that left me mad and wanting to watch more. I spent dinner in my room, searching for a better quality prologue. I wasn't until Christmas that I found a webpage claiming to have one, a present from Santa Claus himself. I initiated the download and went to sleep (it was six o'clock and I haven't had a shuteye since nine o'clock the previous day). When I woke up I found out that I had downloaded a file that was over 2 GB in size !

     I wasn't sure what I had downloaded. I looked up the webpage from where I did the download but it was already down (oh yes, the dreaded 404 error). After meditating for a moment I opened up the file... and it wasn't the TDKR prologue but the complete film, leaked to the internet ! My God... what a film ! This time Nolan outdid himself... and since I am a shareful man I uploaded the file to Megaupload so that anyone who wants to watch it right now can do it... Bane's voice is a little bit hard to understand but... it is The Dark Knight Rises half a year before its release !

     So without further ado...  DOWNLOAD NOW

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