Friday, December 30, 2011

Twelve Tolls - Wishes

     End of the year. The year 2012 comes forth. I, as I do annually, prepare my twelve wishes and my twelve resolutions, the ones I will say with the requiescat for the year that will come to pass between the dead at midnight tomorrow. And what do I wish for this year to come ?

1. Inspiration. That a flood of divine and seductive ideas forms in all brains.
2. Happiness. That in every moment there exists a reason to laugh, to smile and to fill the environment with a good mood. That every day exists a smile on my face... because without days like those... not even pay days...
3. Health. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.
4. Peace. Tranquility in the mind and in the heart.
5. Wisdom. That every piece of knowledge acquired is not only that but lessons in life for us and for those that surround us.
6. Intelligence. Mental acuity and rapid thinking.
7. Work. To realise what we want to do. To have time for our own projects and to fulfill them completely.
8. Prosperity. Success in everything that is proposed.
9. Patience. Because every thing that is worth something requires time.
10. Perseverance. Because every thing that is worth something requires effort.
11. Discipline. Because every thing that is worth something requires a good mindset, based on good customs and good forms of action.
12. Love. A real love, based on wanting our own well-being and the well-being of everybody else in spite of everything.

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