Saturday, February 25, 2012


     This entry is in syntony with the first entry of the month. It is about technological reutilisation and, truth be told, I had had other projects about physical materials reutilisation (a lamp and a I-don't-know-what, both 'do it yourself' projects) but because of the weather (where was global warming when I needed it so my hands wouldn't tremble with the cold ?) I couldn't finish them. Said projects won't be forgotten and will be presented in another time... meanwhile, I will promote myself a little (wink wink)...

     The last one is part of my collection at 9GAG, a website where reusing drawings (or memes) you can tell stories for the sake of telling them.

Photoshop... the last on reusing photos and imagery

     The last ones pieces for maybe someday I will write an article, see if it gets published. And well... to promote myself on a third medium... here the link for my site at Newgrounds, where my imagery and animations reside since I started in 2007.

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