Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Samaritan

     Have you ever tried to watch Dog Soldiers with spanish subtitles ? It's awful... even if you own a DVD copy of the film. There are scenes with missing subtitles, translation is not that good... it's a mess. That's the reason why, and also the fact that I am a good samaritan as the title of the entry indicates, I tried to improve the subtitles of this great film, without a doubt my favourite from Neil Marshall. They are subtitles for the 1:40:35, 734,005,248 bytes (in case you hava a copy from the internet) version... download them here (right click, save as... the file -must be in the same folder as the movie).

     And well, since we are being good samaritans -otherwise one thing would have no relation with the other -, for those of you who work with a Mac and study Computer Science or something similar and need to use Packet Tracer, the program in Mac version is available for download here.

     And continuing on the downloads theme... going a little bit off-subject, I know, but well... some time ago I left on Megaupload a game I made a couple of years back. Since now the only thing you seem to be able to download from the site is a nice FBI picture I've reloaded the game. Again, you can download it for Mac or Windows.

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