Thursday, February 2, 2012

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

     ... it's more about the first entry of February, month of the "do it yourself" and of the "recycle, reuse and reduce". Keeping in mind that this blog is everything but conventional the first entry speaks not about material stuff reutilization but about software reutilization.

     It was the year 2010. In some course I had the task of creating an Android program. I chose to code the famous game Timbiriche (Dots and Boxes). The outcome was... it was fine. Next semester I had another course and already having the program I just enhanced it a bit. The outcome...

Lower right corner... even with an awesome icon

Main menu... any resemblance with the X men is purely coincidential

The view can be changed with no problem whatsoever

Difficulties menu

And it's game on !

Until victory is achieved !... or defeat

This view was not that lucky...

More functions of the program... a list of songs with the band that shares the game's name...

... and information about #Timbiriche mentions on Twitter through JSON

     Reutilization at its maximum expression. The program is available at the Android Market... well no, no it is not... but click here if you want a little interaction with your mobile device... a page that shows some news with JSON and another little surprise.

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