Thursday, May 26, 2011

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     The first game I ever made was for a Programming course I had in my third semester, back in late 2008. After some consideration about its theme, my partner and I decided to make a game similar to Bomberman. And I say similar because we didn't want to make an exact copy of the game, we wanted to have our own, memorable character with a more flexible gameplay. Brainstorming began and we decided that our hero would not detonate bombs but farts and that he was to be called Fartman.

Yes, that's a bean representing the farts and yes, I saw a lot of Dragon Ball when I was growing up

     Even though the idea was somewhatfunny it was also a little bit... disgusting. In the end it was decided to utilize a more conventional character. After some deliberation (and since the film of the character of the comic was premiered the same year) IronBomberman was born.

Much better !

     The project, which was our final project, was developed by the team through the course of four weeks. What does that mean ? The I did it in four days (a weekend). The game itself is pretty simple and what I like the most about it is its name:

IronBomberman: Rise of the Iron Mongers

     The game consists of two levels and two bosses. Only four levels total ? Hey, what did you expect from an amateur that did it in four days ? The objective is to solve the riddles while you kill everything that gets in your way, as it is shown in the video:

The BOMB boy

     Details about the game:

1) Sometimes the keyboard is not recognized so you have to click the screen in order to play.
2) The ending is... completely and absolutely nothing, when you've completed it nothing happens, you don't get congrats or anything.
3) Sometimes the backgrounds fail to appear. The game simply decides not to show them. The game must be restarted.

     In spite of all of that you can download the game for Mac or Windows. In Mac simply double-click the .app inside the zip file. In Windows double-click the Setup.exe file and it will guide you through the instructions to install the game. Arrow keys to move and space bar to lay bombs. Meanwhile I will keep trying to install my Project Eden in my Mac through Wine.

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