Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

     It was a long war, but in the end I prevailed... the stronger one... the one that had to win at the end. The pitched battles left spoils, dark days without rest or sleep. Even the wind was scared of our fights and it blew with its greatest strength when, like titans, we prepared to fight...

Ehécatl (Dramatization)

     I'd win some battles... he'd win some others...

Ni maíz paloma, I won't work anymore and that's it
Oh yes, worse even than a BSOD

     I'm talking, of course, of the project (which is basically an interactive game about the numbers, their equivalences and currency in México) that I had to deliver this morning. Proof that the working world, boys and girls, is ruin. I will tell you then the last battle. This one started yesterday morning. Confident I turned on my lap(top), ready to work. I saw its battery was almost gone, so I plugged it in and... there was no electricity. God, of course... Luz y Fuerza del Centro, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the same pig but dressed differently.

     After waiting a couple of hours for the electricity to return I had to opt for going to the campus to get the job done... fabulous. I gathered my stuff and started the journey. The bus ride proved to be... memorable: The road was closed (right where the Puerta Tolotzin was) by one of our finest Transit officers (meaning the guy was just standing there in the middle of the road while causing his mother some ear buzz), so the bus had to give one ENORMOUS turn just to get through. Since we had to take a detour we had to make up for the lost time. The only thing that I'm going to say about that is that if we were on 'Back to the Future' we would've arrived without a problem to the Wild West (yes, I'm talking about the third part of the saga).

     Upong arrival to campus I went to work. Problems started when I tried to add some little videos to my Flash. That fact and some other distractions (a phone call and a couple of dudettes entering the room I was in) made me work slower. Then I attended my only class for the day (for the week, actually... this semester has been so difficult). My stay on campus went on without futher shame or glory (specially not further glory). When I did amuse myself on campus with my project was actually the previous week, when I tried to delete the green screen of a video in which my cousin and I appear giving a series of instructions for the project...

Does that combination make me look fat ?

     Electricity had returned when I arrived back home. Long story short, when programming goes wrong it can go much much more wrong... and it was until two in the morning that the little program finally worked. The truth is there is a point in time in which code lines move across the screen, free like swallows in spring. Anyway, the project ended... the beast was brought down and taken to its presentation today's morning.

     I should also mention that today's bus ride was... interesting as well, since someone was smoking some pot and the music was a little bit too much Romantic Style for my taste, but anyway, that is not important anymore. The people that I presented the project to were pleased (although, of course, they made a couple of observations that will be taken into account) and congratulated me and asked me to extend those congratulations to my work team (Jesus Christ! Do I have a work team?). In two weeks time another meeting will take place and I hope I will be able to install then. I hope the project does not come back to life like a zombie that will make my life harder. In the meantime I will hopefully advance on some other projects of my own, but that depends entirely on how much work Earthworm Jim (for SNES) will let me do.

Holy Cow ! Too perfect teeth for a worm

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