Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Throne

     Ideas happen when they want and where they want. Some good three years ago, almost four, I was sitting on the toilet with a phenomenal stomach ache. I remember I had eaten something that didn't get along with me, being that food some type of garnacha -if I remember correctly -with my godparents (we were visiting). The point is that when the night fell, when we arrived back home, I ran to the bathroom. I don't know if it was the fever or some kind of psychosis created by something that I don't know, there and then an idea hit me, as strong as the diarrhea. I remember smiling as the idea ran through my head... despite the sweat on my boiling forehead and my arched body, holding the pain. The next morning, when I felt better, I wrote a little script and this... was born:

     An animation from August, 2007, it is the Fantastic Trio... O' Old Guys. Now, in retrospective, I realize the simplicity of the drawings, the animation, the voices... just so I don't have to say the lack of... ability. It's still, however, an animation that I like and that maybe will be upgraded when I have a drawing tablet... or I learn how to draw jaja. This was one of the first animations I did all on my own, drawing, animating and the voice over (well, everything but the music, back then I only sang), but it wouldn't be the last... and it wouldn't be the last time in which some strange psychosis attacked me so to create some bizarre project.

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