Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pig Psychosis

     No, I'm not talking about the avian human swine batrachotoxin double with cheese fries and large coke galactically apocalyptic flu. I'm talking about... this:


     The date, january 2008. It all began a friday night. I got a very interesting visitor. Who? My cousin. I had already done a couple of cartoons throughout six months in 2007 and that night my cousin asked me to help him create an animated storyboard (like an animatic) for a short he wanted to make. However, his times were not at all... friendly. He needed it for monday. Two days to create an animated short. True, the project had only to show the bare movements and essential elements of what the short would contain but still it was a lot of work, specially taking into account the little experience I had. My first reaction was this one:

Oh yes he did (The phrase 'me partiste el queso' literally translates to 'you've just cut my cheese' and means 'you put me in a predicament')

     I told him to return ready to work as hard as he could and saturday morning we started working. He was present throughout the whole process... and the process was very... interesting... Forty eight hours working non-stop, fifteen minutes for meals, only a couple of those in that weekend. We got extremely happy every time we finished as little as ten seconds of the project. Sunday afternoon we were broken and speaking a lot of nonesense. I have a couple of 'Predator' action figures in my room and my cousin constantly said 'I know what you need... predator puppet theater!' just to start playing with the dolls.


     When we were finally over that sunday night and I could crawl to bed the fever attacked me and made me dream the contents of the animation presented in this entry. Last night (maybe today before dawn) psychosis (not the pig one) attacked me again... which means I hope to finish a small (very small) animated short very soon.

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