Monday, May 2, 2011

Digest THIS !

     'Slimy yet Tasty: A fine selection of pieces to digest... or not' is a window to the ravings, anecdotes and psychosis in general of its author. It's the story of the stories (that's heavy) he has generated with the coming of the years... and of course, the stories themselves. Anyway, even though it may sound like a cliché and without further ado here comes the first entry of this web log, the captain's log.

     This story begins, as these stories often do, with a tale of rejection. After a handful of projects I wanted to be a part of an animation collaboration. Evidently, being this a tale of rejection, I wasn't a part of it. Looking back I guess some -if not all -of my work has been... to a certain degree... sub par and that's been the reason -proximal or distal -of the rejections and punches I've gotten. However, after learning what needs to be learned, life goes on. 'Rejection' is not what's important, but to keep on doing what one likes to do, what one really wants to do. Here is that little piece, made in 2008. It's theme: to make an animated thirty seconds short about the videogame franchise 'Metal Gear'.

     As a bonus, here is another animation that I did when, with other guys and dolls, we ran to become the representatives of our career. Why is it a bonus ? Because we were rejected then too jajaja.

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