Tuesday, May 10, 2011

But I AM an Artist

     I don't know if you know this but I love Anna Faris. Maybe because she is a funny and cute actress or because she reminds me of my platonic love Sienna Miller. Anyway, the point is that she is kind of my muse and I constantly dream of her (no, not in that way). For instance, a couple of weeks ago I dreamt this:

Indeed you are Anna

     I know my little drawings fail to depict Anna's awesomeness, but I made it with love for today, hot mama's day. In case someone hasn't seen either one of the movies the first part is from 'Just Friends', the dialogue is between Faris and Ryan Reynolds and the reveal of Anna's true nature is the final part of 'Men in Black', in which Edgar Bug tries to escape J and K.

     And of course, in that occasion I didn't only dream the animation here presented. I also dreamt that I was Dexter (the protagonist of the equally named series), that my sister Deb (well, Dexter's... who was me) was about to discover that I was a serial killer, that the only way in which I could cover my deeds was to draw the crime scenes and change them in the drawing so those changes could materialize in the real world and that I was struggling real hard to uncover the biggest secret in the series... that despite being an excellent actor David Zayas is not cuban but puerto rican, hence his changing of the letter 'r' for the letter 'l' every time he speaks in spanish.

Right away Sergeant Batista !

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